Bee Spirit Animal Meaning

This week’s Celtic Totem Animal from John Matthews is the Bee. The Gaelic word and pronunciation for this animal is Bee – beach (bach). The Bee has recently shown up in my life after taking a leave of absence for nearly 20 years. I suppose the Bees got the message when I stepped on one as a child that I didn’t want to have anything to do with them.

This past week I’ve seen so many big bumble bees buzzing around me. They looked like huge floating zeppelins keeping watch over me while I read on our patio and while we were grilling at the clubhouse. I’ve never encountered a Bee during a meditation or while in the Celtic Other World Travels or even in Yggdrasil, so when they started buzzing I tried to pay attention.

The Bee as a Totem  is a symbol of work ethic and diligence. The Celts saw the Bee as a fearless warrior when it came time to protect their hives. The Bee is also a symbol of life for the Modern Pagan with out the Bee flowering plants would not be pollinated and food would not grow, thus affecting our lives. The Bee teaches us to go after our dreams with incredible focus and to foster our goals. The Bee also teaches us to work and more importantly, cooperate with others who have similar goals so we can learn from them and learn how to help each other.

Currently in our lives we are seeking to restructure our professional selves & environment. Along with other changes we have recently decided to assess the qualities of our role models compared to ours, and then create a plan of action on how we can make ourselves better. The Bee will certainly be helping us to find those role models in the physical world so that we can learn from them and work together.


Bee – beach (bach)

as Wayshower Distance is no obstacle to truth.
as Protector careful advance avoids risks.
as Challenger what path are you really following?
as Helper Sweetness lies at the heart of your life.

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Has the Bee Totem ever presented itself to you?

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