Wolf & Dog Spirit Animal Meaning

This week’s Celtic Totem Animal from John Matthews is the Dog. The dog totem has always been present in my life weather it lives in the physical plane or the spiritual realm. Growing up with dogs on the farm led me to love and appreciate the loyalty and protection they so graciously gave to us. The dog can mean meany things when it comes to divination, loyalty, protection, scavenging, adventure, leader and others. 

For me the dog has always been a sign of love. Every one of my dogs played an important role in my upbringing, especially one named Molly. The Gaelic word and pronunciation for this animal is mada (MODD-a) or madra (MOOD-ra). Matthews identifies the dog totem as one of the best totems to help you figure out where you are going, keep  you on the right path, and to help you follow and learn from your natural instincts. He also uses the dog to make you stop and think about what it is you’re going to gain from situations and makes you consider weather or not the situation is even worth your time.


Dog – mada (MODD-a) or madra (MOOD-ra)

as Wayshower Sniff out the best location.
as Protector I’ll keep you on course.
as Challenger Who really gains from this?
as Helper Always follow your instincts.

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Has the Dog Totem ever presented itself to you?

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