Mabon Folklore

The Fall Equinox, Mabon, has many different meanings for various cultures around the world, all with themes of rebirth, love, and sacrifice.

The overarching theme for Mabon and this time of year is, the masculine energy retreating and the feminine energy residing with us through the winter months.

Here is some of the folklore surrounding Mabon: The God sacrifices himself for the good of the land via the harvest. Mabon fruit can be regarded as proof of the Goddess’ and God’s love. Some believe that at Mabon the God sleeps in the Goddess’ womb, waiting to be reborn in the Spring.

My favorite, and most easily adapted for all religions is the, Death of the Sun and the cycle of rebirth through the harvest’s bounty.

What themes of rebirth, love, and sacrifice does your family share for this harvest season?

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