The Gods & Goddesses of Imbolc

The Gods & Goddesses of Imbolc all share fire, fertility, growth, and rebirth themes. Appropriate Goddesses of Imbolc are all virgin or maiden deities. Appropriate Gods of Imbolc are the all love and fertility deities. Imbolc also brings about the characteristics of all Maiden aspects of the Triple Goddess in all religions.

Imbolc also brings themes of purification, growth, re-newal, re-birth, the reunion of the Goddess and the God, getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

Goddesses Associated With Imbolc:

Arianrhod – Celtic Goddess of fertility, rebirth, time and fate
Branwen – Celtic Goddess of Love and Beauty
Cerridwen – Celtic Goddess of prophecy
Anu – Irish Mother of All Things Goddess
Brighid – Irish Goddess of hearth and home
Bast – Egyptian Cat Goddess of protection & guardian of mothers and childbirth, a hearth goddess.
Selene – Greek Goddess of the Moon
Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of love
Gaia – Greek Mother of All Things Goddess
Hestia – Greek Goddess of the home and family, a hearth Goddess
Athena – Greek Goddess of wisdom and warcraft
Artemis – Greek Goddess of the hunt and virgins
Ceres – Roman Goddess of grains, agriculture and farmers
Venus – Roman Goddess of fertility, beauty, motherhood
Vesta – Roman hearth Goddess
Minerva – Roman Goddess of wisdom and warcraft
Diana – Roman Goddess of the hunt and virgins
Februa – Roman Goddess of Purity
Pax – Roman Goddess of Peace
Inanna – Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, sexuality, and warfare

Gods Associated With Imbolc:

Aenghus Og – Celtic God of love, young beauty, and poetry inspiration
Dian Cecht – Irish God of Healing
Eros – Greek Fertility God
Pan – Greek God of the Forest, beasts, and sexuality
Cupid – Roman Fertility God
Faunus – Roman God of the Forest, associated with Lupercalia
Februus – Roman God of Purity

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