Mabon Gods & Goddesses

The Gods & Goddesses of Mabon all share harvest, fertility, and life-death-rebirth themes. Appropriate Goddesses of Mabon and the Fall Equinox are all grape/wine, berry, fruit, vegetable and harvest deities. Appropriate Gods of Mabon and the Fall Equinox are all wine, fruit, forest, and harvest deities. Mabon and the general harvest season also bring about the characteristics of all Crone aspects of the Triple Goddess in all religions.

Mabon also brings themes of harmony & balance, harvest, death, the Underworld, orchards, fruits, grains, agriculture, inspiration, writing, music, commerce, fertility, the Moon, nature, wildling gods, and all aspects of the forest, from its animals to the foliage and spirits of the trees.

Goddesses Associated With Mabon: 

Nikkal – Canaanite* Goddess of Orchards
Cailleach – Celtic Crone Goddess
Modron – Welsh Great Mother Goddess
Morgan – Welsh Goddess of Death
Maighdean-Bhuana  Scottish Harvest Maiden
Epona  Gallo-Roman** Goddess of Horses & Fertility
Snake Woman – Minoan Goddess of the Household & Underworld
Demeter – Greek Goddess of the Harvest
Pamona – Greek Goddess of Fruit Trees, Gardens, & Orchards
The Muses – Greek Goddesses of Music, Song, & Dance
Harmonia – Greek Goddess of Harmony & Unity
Persephone – Greek Goddess of the Underworld
Prosperpina – Roman Goddess of the Underworld
Ceres – Roman Goddess of Agriculture
Ma’at – Egyptian Goddess of Underworld, Truth & Justice
Rennutet – Egyptian Goddess of Nourishment & Harvest

Gods Associated With Mabon:

Hotei – Buddhist God of Contentment & Happiness (Laughing Buddha)
Hauran – Canaanite* God of the Underworld
Yerikh – Canaanite* God of the Moon
Mabon – Welsh God of Fall, Son of Modron
The Green Man – European God of Plants, Foliage, & Spirit of Trees
The Great Horned God – European God of Nature, Wilderness, Sexuality – Hunting, & Life Cycle
Cerunnos – Celtic Horned God
Pan – Greek God of the Wild
Faunus – Roman God of the Forest
Herene – British God of Wild Stag in the Forest
Thor – Norse God of the Sky & Fertility
Hermes – Greek God of Commerce, Transitions & Boundaries
Dionysus – Greek Nature God of Fruitfulness & Vegetation
Iacchus – Greek Name Given to Dionysus in Eleusinian Mysteries
Bacchus – Roman God of Agriculture & Wine
Vertumnus – Roman Shape-Shifting God of the Seasons
Thoth – Egyptian God of the Moon, Magic & Writing
Shai – Egyptian God of Fate & Destiny

*Canaanites – agricultural religion, focused on fertility motifs, historical/Biblical people in the area of the present-day Levant.

**Gallo-Roman – Romanized culture of Gaul under the rule of the Roman Empire.


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