Recipe INSTRUCTIONS for Spells & Prayers

Many witchcraft books out there will give you the ingredients to a spell but not the recipe instructions, which can be very frustrating for beginner Pagans. These books assume that you already know how to cleanse your space, cast a circle, and know how to do everything else that comes with the ritual of a Spell Prayer. The Key to a successful Spell Prayer is the clearly stated  intentions behind it and the ritual recipe that the practitioner follows.

Some Pagans like to use tools that are linked to their beliefs. There are those that use spell rods, which are 3 feet long decorated rods that are half red and half black with bells attached to the tips. This tool has the same function as a wand, to direct your energy from your body, through the tool and out into the universe. There are also people who ring bells and the beginning of their spell prayers and again at the end. I use to wear a set of small bells on my ankles that did the same thing.

These are only a few tools that you can use in your personal recipe for spells and prayers. You need to do what works for you and what feels right. So experiment, maybe its lighting a special candle used only for spell prayers.

Example Recipe for Spells & Prayers


Varies on Specific Spell Prayer (could contain herbs, votive figures, special candles, images, coinage, dirt, etc.)


  1. Gather all the necessary supplies for the spell prayer as well as any books needed while you cast the spell. Place everything on your altar, light any candles or turn on the illumination device of your choice. Devote your altar, space, or working to a Deity. Ground and center.
  2. Cast your circle. Call the watchtowers (most Pagans call the elements or cardinal directions).
  3. Identify yourself, invoke the Deity, indicate your intent.
  4. Cleanse your tools and empower them.
  5. Say your spell or prayer.
  6. Thank the Deity.
  7. Release the watchtowers.
  8. Ground and center. Put away the tools and clean up your altar.

There you have it! I don’t always follow this ritual since I was taught that you don’t need to have a full ritual every time. But there are certain times and certain circumstances that need a ritual. This Example Recipe for Spells & Prayers was adapted from Silver Raven Wolf’s Super Simple Spellcasting. I know that many Pagans knock Silver Raven Wolf and many of the other prominent modern Pagan authors and they shouldn’t. These authors are the ones that are able to spark the call to the Earth and Deities that many of us have felt, but didn’t know where to look.  These books were easy to find (thanks Barns and Nobel!) and gave me a foundation for the exploration of my beliefs. Read everything you can get your hands on, take it with a truck load of salt, and keep what speaks to you.

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