String Magic Ritual for Ostara

String Magic for Early Spring

Take a cord in an appropriate color to what you are working on (or purple and green for Ostara), and shape it into a rune or the design of the object you need on your altar. While you do this, visualize the needed object; fill it with light and power and send it forth into the universe to bring it to manifestation. Taken from Scott Cunningham’s Wicca.

You can also take this idea and string your intentions to a piece of wood with nails. Then burn it to release it into the universe to bring it to manifestation. After the fire has died and there is nothing but cold ashes, retrieve the nails from the ashes and use it in your workings for manifestation, prosperity, drawing or for the specific idea that you used it for in this spell. The nails are already charged and empowered to use them for an extra bump in your next working.

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