Air Blessing for Autumn

“Celebrating the magical & the mundane of everyday life.”

I originally wrote this Air Blessing for Autumn special for 2015. As the years have gone by, I have grown exponentially, in ways that I couldn’t have imagined just 4 years ago.

I’m thankful for the journey, even though the path through was the worst I have been on so far.  Now that I have gotten to the edge of that dark forest and I can see the beautiful open glen and the valley beyond it. I think its time, again, for a re-write, for this very special 2019 Autumn.  I have updated, my witchy blessing from 2015 to a secular version for this year, but you can still read and see the original prayer at the end of this article.

Everyday Secular Version (2019):

Winds of Autumn
kiss the apples of my cheeks
& lift the leaves round.
Let this Harvest & this Home
find good fortune & warm gatherings.
Help me to find
Balance & Harmony
this Harvest Season
& let us all give thanks
for our (spiritual) growth thus far.

Magical Witchy Version (2015):

Air Prayer for Mabon. This fall (2015) will be very special to us when we look back, and needed to be marked with a special prayer for the season.

Gods of Mabon
Spirits of Fall
come to my side
& gather ’round.
Bless this Harvest
& this Home.
Help us to find
Balance & Harmony
this Harvest Season
& let us give thanks
for our spiritual growth.

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