Simple Fall Apple Ritual

“Celebrating the magical & the mundane of life.”

The Fall Equinox and the Folk Holiday, Mabon is a time of year to give thanks for the harvest and prepare for the coming winter. Visiting Wine Harvest Festivals and gathering apples at your local apple orchard are great ways to celebrate this holiday and special time of year with your loved ones without having an extensive sit down ritual. Apple Orchards have always been special to me this time of year, visiting them for the equinox has always been a standing tradition in our family.

You can also celebrate Mabon and the Fall Equinox by foraging for berries and nuts while gathering up fallen pine cones, leaves and dried seed pods. Take these items along with an apple and drink of your choice into the woods or a place sacred to you outside among nature.

Arrange the foraged items on the ground in a way that makes you feel connected to the season. Take out your apple and cut it in half horizontally to reveal the star within. With your hands cupped together, hold your open apple and say either of the following blessings. I have updated, my witchy blessing from 2015 to a secular version for this year.

Mundane Secular Version (2019):

“Secret 5 Pointed Star, hidden in this apple,
inspire me to see each of the natural elements reflected in this season,

earth, the soil from which this apple grew,
air, the crispness that surrounds me now,
fire, the seeds of life that make up the star I see within this apple,
water, the sweet juices of this apple that trickle down my hand, and
spirit, the seasonal change I sense as the summer shifts into autumn.

As the season turns, the Earth begins to fall quieter
before we slip into the dormancy of winter.
Let the Autumn winds blow around me
and lift my soul and warm my heart.

Now, as the plants drop their final fruits,
and retreat back into the soil to sleep,

I look to the dark, richness of autumn for a pause of rest,
and look to deep into myself for inspiration and guidance
as I descend into myself for pause and reflection,
before emerging again once more,
to celebrate life’s harvest and holidays with gratitude and thanks.”

Magical Witchy Version (from 2015):

“Secret 5 Pointed Star, hidden in this apple,
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit,
help watch over me, protect me, and keep me safe.

As the wheel turns, the Earth falls asleep
while we slip into winter.
Let the Autumn winds blow around me
and lift my soul and warm my heart.

Now, as the God moves into the Underworld to sleep,
I look to the darkness for renewal and rebirth,
and look to the Mother / Goddess for guidance.”

Set your apple on the gathered items and sip from your drink as you reflect on the change of season and the Harvest’s Bounty that was brought into your life this year.

When you are finished, give thanks, silently, or aloud and leave the apple for the wildlings & spirits of Mabon.

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