Full Moon Tea Ritual

Tea is a really great way to bring a little ritual magic into your daily life. Its also something that is non-obtrusive to other people’s religion and spirituality. You may not have realized or even considered: when you make tea, you are representing the 4 elements, and 5th when you drink it. An act as simple as sipping tea becomes a reflection of the connection of the elements. This is a small ritual that many of us perform daily without even realizing that we are performing any ritual at all. Even our morning coffee applies here, magic beans in a brew that revitalize us and bring us back from the dead.

So how are the elements representing in our tea or coffee?

The Earth Element is represented by the tea itself through the leaves, seeds, roots, and flowers (or coffee beans) that you choose. The Water Element is the water you use to infuse your dried tea or coffee beans. The Fire Element is present when you heat up your water. The Air Element is the steam and smells you experience when you cup the tea or coffee in your hands. Finally, the Fifth Element, The Spirit, is present when you drink the tea or coffee and reflect on how it makes you feel, even if its for a split second while you unconsciously say, “mmmm” as you take the first sip.

Choose an herb or coffee blend that inspires you or that you are drawn to. Brew your tea or coffee and take it outside or the the window while you look up at the full moon. If you are drinking coffee just make sure you aren’t drinking it at night, unless you are wanting to power through the night. To have a Full Moon Coffee Ritual head outside to the moon when you can see it during the day or in the early morning hours to start off your day.

Full Moon Tea Ritual

Optional: Call the Watchtowers, Elements, Deities, or Saints to preside over the brewing of this drink.

  1. select your herbs or beans based on your intentions or what you are being drawn to
  2. heat your water
  3. select a special mug and pay attention to the way it feels in your hands
  4. Infuse your herbs or beans with the water and meditate on your intentions or reflect on your life while they steep.
    As you steep your brew say:
    “Earth, Fire, Water, Air,
    Earth, Fire, Water, Air,
    Earth, Fire, Water, Air”
  5. When the brew is ready, take the mug outside or at least to your window and look up at the moon and say:
    “Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit
    be with me now on this full moon.
    Bless this mug and this brew,
    may it warm my soul and keep me close to you.”

Finish your brew and you are done.

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