Harvest Full Moon Ritual

The Harvest Moon traditionally gave farmers additional light by the moon to bring in the crops for the second harvest. This full moon can fall either in September or October depending on which moon is closer to the Fall Equinox (Mabon). The Harvest Moon is also known as the Barley Moon, Wine Moon, Singing Moon, and can be known as the Corn Moon depending on when it falls in relation to the Equinox.

During this time it is important to prepare ourselves for the upcoming final harvest and holiday season. The best way to do that is by giving yourself a spiritual flu shot! At this time of year we harvest the abundance of our growth marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of a new year and what it has yet to bring.

As we physically prepare for winter and the darker half of the year, we can prepare our spiritual flu shot for Harvest Moon 2014. I like short incantations, herb incense blends, and tea meditations the best.

Evening scene with full moon and persons, 1801, by Abraham Pether, oil on canvas mounted on cardboard Dimensions45 × 61 cm (17.7 × 24 in)
Evening scene with full moon and persons, 1801, by Abraham Pether,
oil on canvas mounted on cardboard. Dimensions 45 × 61 cm (17.7 × 24 in)

Harvest Moon Ritual

  1. write down any goals
  2. write down things to be rid of (traits, irritations, hindrances that you want gone from your life)
  3. gather your herbs for the incense, coal & container or select incense of choice (stick and cone incense are ok, but the herbs will work better if you align them with your goals)
  4. prepare your tea

Find a quiet place outside under the full moon’s light. Sit down and get comfortable (or stand, that is ok too), soak in your surroundings as you ready yourself for ritual. When you are ready, say the following as you light your incense:

“At this midnight (or evening), moonlight hour,
By the power of Fennel, Valerian, Sage, and Fire, (Or incense variety of choice)
I give thanks and ask that I might see __(insert goals)__ come to me,
and that __(insert things to be rid of)__ leave me.
Blessed Be”

Now take your tea, look up at the Moon and visualize its light energizing you by washing away the things you want to be rid of. Feel the smooth breeze and hear the rustling of the plants and animals as they bring your goals closer to your feet.

Stay in meditation and contemplation as you watch over your incense and finish your tea.

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