Mini Smudge Sticks DIY

Smudging is essential to many Pagan circles, it starts the ritual and purifies the space for workings and the arrival of spirits. I love smudging. But I always feel like I need to use the whole smudge stick which is impossible in one circle sitting. I have a regular sized smudge stick that has always felt ginourmously monstrous, and I always felt like I was “mixing magic” each time I used it. Left over fresh sage from a recipe gave me an idea. Mini Smudge sticks would be just as powerful and better for me!

Step 1
Gather your fresh sage into bundles that are the length and width of your pointer finger.

Step 2
Wrap each bundle with embroidery string and hang to dry.

Step 3
Once dry, cut off excess thread.

Step 4
Label and store your mini smudge sticks.

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